Cassie Oliver

The RIP Crew Team

 Investigation Director of RIPCrew

I am an average family man with a wife and two children. I am a stainless steel polisher by day and a paranormal researcher by night. I have yet to encounter a spiritual experience, but until then I will keep searching for the truth.




Lead Investigator and EVP Specialist

I am a machinist building Aircraft. I love the thrill of going on investigations and experiencing paranormal activities. I truly believe that they are there and that they need help passing over. I respect my fellow investigators and enjoy working with them. I will continue to investigate to the best of my ability, near and far, so I can try and communicate with the paranormal.






I work at a major Aircraft Company. I have been interested in the paranormal for a long time. I know it's real and look forward to learning the reason's and the purpose of the lost spirits. I enjoy working with the other investigators and I'm learning a lot from them. We will all keep up the good work that we do to search for the answers.



I am a housewife and mother of three children. I like knowing there is another side. I want to find the scientific proof that shows us where we go when we pass on. RIP just doesn't stand for Researching Investigating Paranormal but also stands for Rest In Peace. Whatever it is that we find I hope it's at peace and if it isn't then we will do whatever we can to help.

Erin O Wallace 
Author/ Publicist/ Historian / Event Coordinator 

Although Erin is NOT an investigator, she is definitely a member of RIPCrew. She plays a

 tremendous role in the growth of our team! Erin is in the process of writing our book called

 RIPPED AWAY ~The Haunting Accounts of the RIPCrew Team~. As a retired syndicated

 genealogical columnist, special writer, reporter and local historian, Erin uses her skills to

 research the background of all our buildings before investigating. She is also in charge of our

 social media services and event planning such as conferences, conventions, and dinner

 investigations. Besides helping the team to move in the right direction when it comes to the

public eye, Erin is also considered RIPcrew’s most devoted supporter and team cheerleader! 

                                                                                                                                                                             Justin  Eric Shafer
    Occupation: Technical Services Manager at Homepro Technologies Inc. (Residential technology company for new home builders -security/audio and video/surveillance/automation, etc)
Hobbies: watching sports, looking for proof of the paranormal, ghost hunting, being redundant, and sending time with family and my American Bulldog Athena
Marital Status: Single....and ready to mingle. Ladies, let me hear from ya!